Today I want to talk to you about CHROME PLATING FRAMES.

Chrome plating is simply immersing the frame in a galvanic bath with special substances. Thanks to new technologies, I wanted to replace this process with new-generation spray processes. In this way, I can use completely environmentally-friendly products, unlike with the old process, when the procedure was certainly more practical and, above all, did not in any way alter the final effect.
chome plating frames


I can say, without fear of contradiction, that with chrome plating, it is the craftsman’s experience of the procedure that makes the difference. In chrome plating, for example, preparation of the frame must be done obsessively: special substances must be used to clean the frame manually.

The chrome plating required for the entire process and, due to the expensive materials use, is suitable for high-quality frames, where the aesthetic result is part of the high-quality construction of the finished bicycle.