Carbon has been used in the bicycle industry now for several years, creating for itself a rich base of supporters and detractors. I won’t go into detail on the subject about the pros and cons of carbon but I want to tell how to effectively paint a carbon frame.

The first thing that many people don’t do is:

1) carefully assess the condition of the frame

It seems trivial but you need to carefully assess the general condition of the frame to immediately identify its porosity.
Then proceed by

2) cleaning and sanding the frame

To achieve a professional result, you cannot skip this step.

At this point, but it would be better from the beginning, you need to have a clear idea of the aesthetic result you want to achieve.

  • For example, would we like a high-gloss finish as the final result?

  • Or a matt finish?

  • Or would we like to highlight the carbon coating itself?

Depending on the desire finish, there is a procedure and specific products to achieve it. For example, if we want a high-gloss finish we can apply a transparent base to the frame and then apply the epoxy paint. Like all things, in addition to having a very clear procedure, you also need a lot of experience and, above all, to know how to combine high-technological products with on handcrafted care.