Today I want to talk to you about preparing for painting.

If we want to make sure that the colours stay on the frame, we have to treat the stage of the process with the utmost importance.

Firstly, the carbon frame must be checked carefully to ensure there are no holes or imperfections.

Many frame imperfections are usually due to air trapped between the carbon fibres at the time of coating.
If present, the holes and imperfections must be filled with the appropriate filler and, once dry, excess filler must be removed with suitable sand paper.

Then, the entire frame must be sanded down by another type of sand paper, composed of finer grains, to remover other types of imperfections.

To finish, you need to go over the frame again with Scotch-Brite to matte it as much as possible and improve its ability to maintain the colour.

Before proceeding with the next step, I advise you to read the article “How to pain a carbon frame with no mistakes”: if you missed it, click here.

After cleaning it carefully with specific cleaning products, you can start painting!