professional bicycle painting

It all began when my father, Antonio Stevanin (Nino), a painter who worked for the historic Wilier Triestina, based at the time in Bassano Del Grappa, in 1955, founded “La Verniciatura”, a company that I took over in 1982.

Developing the path taken by my father has, over time, led me to radically change the operating system within the company to make it more streamlined and effective. This is why technological innovation has always proven strategic for our growth.

Over 30 years, with the help of my wife and sons, Luca and Nicola, and leveraging the expertise of our staff, we have served established companies in the bicycle industry in both Italy and abroad.

We have developed a genuine bicycle painting system capable of meeting the requirements of companies specialising in the two-wheel industry.

To better communicate this journey, we decided to change our brand,